Friday, January 16, 2015

Redeveloping the focus of my PhD by publication

I stopped publishing in my different blogs since the end of the last school year but that doesn't mean that the blogs aren't alive. Authors and readers can ontinue to perform actios on a blog even though there isn't any new post published. As an author I do some work behind the scenes like checking on analytics, maintaining the look of the blog and even read many links on the side of the blog. I can see that the blog is read by many people even there isn't new blog post. For my readers I'd like to tell them to continue visiting this blog because there is updated information from the list of blogs I put on the right side of the blog as well as from links on Open Educational Resources and Open Courseware. I am still committed to this blog even though I don't publish a new post. I am also committed to my PhD and I am still working on it. I don't think it's worth to give up because there are some benefits to draw. A traditional PhD opens different doors after gettting the piece of paper showing that the degree has been obtained. Traditional degrees offer materialistic gains like making more money by getting a new job. But an open degree channeled by self-directed and open learning can lead to internal benefits like personal development and alternatives ways of earning a living that might not be easy. It's important to reflect on the best ways to reach one's personal life and eductional goals. But lifelong education is something to focus on because it's the fuel on our spiritual, intellectual and mental  life. I am publishing hre on this post and other parts of this blog the development of the focus of this PhD.

About this Open PhD

 The purpose of this blog is to report the different learning experiences in studies about an Open PhD focused on open learning. The different topics featured are: Educational Research, Educational Technology and Media, Educational Startup, Instructional Design, Open Education and learning. The main focus of this PhD  is on open learning specifically the use of the web resources and possibly other informal educational resources  for self-directed and independent learning with an emphasis on web 2.0 tools for learning and personal learning networks. It's achieved by skills learning, projects, writing, teaching and research. Skills learning is done by taking different open courses and reading different articles, shared on social medias, educational project pages, curated on appropriated on social media platforms, listed on social media networks and saved on social bookmarks. The author designed many educational projects mostly focused on Open Educational Resources, Open Courseware and Open Education. As an experienced educator certified in math he is taking his educational career on the next level by developing Open Popular University and New Direction Education Services where his educational services are advertised. The author writes and publishes educational articles on his personal blogs and social media. He also curates several articles on appropriate social media platforms.

Other artifacts used for this PhD are Educational and Professional Portfolio and Open PhD candidacy published in Peer-to-Peer University and Wikiversity . The PhD is by research and publication. The articles on Open Learning will be used for the publication of a book on open learning. The next phase will be the development of a thesis. Meanwile after the publication of the thesis focused on Action Research (other ideas are: commentary analysis on a portfolio of professional experiences) the blog will publish commentary analysis of academic research on self-directed and open learning, litterature reviews, essays, articles. It is the intention of the author to work with supervisors, peers, educators, interested organizations in this innovative PhD to get the most widely recognition. The author is interested in having his work validated or credited by a respected educational institution believing in innovative ways of learning