Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Solution Test

The previous topic was about the problem. Now a solution has to be provided to this problem. The statement of the problem is that many students, professionals and self-learners throughout the world who want to learn by themselves using the internet don't have or want to have access to high quality educational resources structured in a way that enable them to learn effectively by themselves and that allow them to be successful in their studies, their profession and their personal enrichment. The following paragraphs state the questions and the answers to the topic "The Solution test".

What does your solution do?

The solution is to provide these people access to open and other educational resources that can help them to reach their goals. The solution includes also providing the learner the possibility to work with other learners. The goal is to lead the self-learner to the world of Open Learning.

How does the solution work?

The web site of Open Popular University has links to pages about the learning of many disciplines such as Engineering, Science, Math. Computer Science, Human Sciences, Education, etc. The links are labeled "School of Engineering", "School of Math", etc. The site has also links to video courses only and links to courses in French and to various resources. The learner clicks the link related to the discipline he wants to learn and this link opens the page of the educational resources. If the learner speaks French he can have access to courses in French by clicking "OpenCourseWare Francais". If he speaks another language he can click "Resources" to have access to many OpenCourseWares in different languages throughout the world. If the learner wants to watch video courses he clicks the link "Video courses". Some courses have links to Open Study groups. The main idea about the solution is to get the learner access to the curriculum of a particular discipline and learn the courses by himself. If he chooses to learn one course of that discipline he can do so.

Why would someone want it?

These courses are from well renowned universities throughout the world and they are free. The learner has also the possibility to learn the same courses from different universities throughout the world. He has a variety of resources at his disposal.   

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