Monday, February 27, 2012

Does the Online Education Revolution mean the death of the Diploma?

As the options for self-education explode, what does a college education mean? And how can we measure what a good education is?

Education is changing, and it’s changing fast. Anyone can put together a personalized educational experience via digital textbooks accessible by iPad, video learning from top university faculty, or peer-led discussion. People of all demographics are gathering their own seeds of education and cultivating lush sets of hybrid tools to deal with the rapid knowledge replenishment that’s essential in an economy where massive career specialization and constant innovation reign.

What we’re witnessing is a bottom-up revolution in education: Learners, not institutions, are leading innovation. This is an era of plenty. I like to call it the Education Harvest.

 But there is a huge issue that’s preventing lifelong learners from blossoming into our next generation of highly skilled--and employed--workers: There’s no accreditation process for self-taught learners.

Where is education headed? How are learners driving the movement? And how can we fix this lack of accreditation? Here are the five parts of the Education Harvest:

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