Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Product Cycle

This assignment requires that I go back to my motivation of creating Open Popular University. I was motivated by the fact that the access of knowledge was too restricted to people. At the university level it is not guaranteed that someone who matriculates there would be able to come to the end of the studies fulfilling  all the requirements set for a particular program of study. The bureaucracy politics and the desire for financial profits prevent the universities from truly educating. The antiquated process of admitting, teaching, assessing students eliminate the access of many students to learning in addition to financial and time constraints. In fact what's the purpose of an educational institution? It is to help people to learn something. Education and learning are important to the survival of the society. So education should be open so that everybody should be able to survive. Knowledge shouldn't be mystified meaning that it is so difficult to learn that someone who is able to learn a certain type or amount of knowledge is considered exceptional. In fact knowledge learning isn't difficult if one knows how to learn. The formalization of knowledge by educational institutions has made knowledge closed to a vast majority of people. The development of the web makes access to learning easier thanks to many repositories of knowledge found in the web.Based on this development I created Open Popular University  to make access to knowledge free and easy for people who want to learn.

At this moment Open Popular University has open courses and video lectures from different universities around the world. It offers resources from different open courseware sites located in different parts of the the world. It would soon offer its own designed courses.

Imagine what your ideal service or product will look like ten years from now. How will it work? What will it include?

Fulfilling my desire of making knowledge accessible to everybody Open Popular University would be in the future a repository of educational resources meaning a database of lecture hall videos, educational forums, other types of learning artifacts and written open content.   

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