Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ed Startup 101 course Introduction

Hello Everybody,

I am an educator, math certified, currently living in Boston, Massachusetts. I am presently working in the public school system and tutor privately. I have 4 blogs where I comment or write articles on Open Education, my open PhD program, Math, Science, Civil Engineering, etc.

My educational background is in Math and Science Education, Civil Engineering, K-12 education, Educational administration, Curriculum, Adult and Open Education. I am currently pursuing openly with a network of open PhD candidates a PhD program I started a few years ago.

Graduated as a Math and Science Teacher I have been teaching math and Science for a long time. Recently I created the site New Direction Education Services  to market my tutoring services in Math, French, Spanish and ESL I have marketed in different social networks and tutoring sites such as and but these marketing efforts haven't yielded many leads. I hope my participation in this course will help me make the tutoring services successful not only from the knowledge acquired through this course but also from the participant's experiences and knowledge. My other recent initiative is the Open Popular University . Its purpose is to allow educators, students, professionals and self-learners to access open courses and educational resources from the world renowned universities. My goal is to present a rich, open, networked, self-learning educational platform. In order to reach these goals I need financial, material and human resources. In a first step I need to change the look and increase the capacity of the site to accommodate more educational resources and offer some open courses. I will have to do some expenses to upgrade the site and hire a web developer. I am also looking for volunteer educators for an advising board and to teach the open courses. In a second step a physical location with hired personnel will be needed. I am participating in this course in order to find volunteers who can help and people who can point to funding resources to reach these objectives. I am looking for people who can help at any level: sharing the site, liking the facebook page, advising, contributing financially, partnering, etc.  I hope that my participation in Edstartup will help me make New Direction Education Services and Open Popular University successful from the help gained from the facilitators and participants of the course.

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